Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership.
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“On Memorial Day weekend, I found my boat having an overheating issue. I suspected a bad impeller and went to Frentress Lake Marine looking for a new impeller. After visiting with Jeremy for a few minutes, he convinced me that I most likely needed a new raw water pump and not just the impeller. I pulled my pump out and he was right!! The impeller (that I had just replaced this spring) was still in perfect condition, but the pump housing itself was worn. Just like he said. Frentress had the new pump in stock and at a fair price (I know what cost is on them). I also discovered that the pulley on these pumps is pressed on. I did not have the tools to remove and reinstall the pulley. Jeremy took care of transferring the pulley for me at no extra charge, on a Saturday, close to closing time. They are very busy there, but they still take the time to help you out. I’m very pleased to do business with them. ”
By: Matt Johnston, IA

“Sarah and I have been Frentress Lake slip owners since 2004. Ted, Tim, and Jeremy have done a super job of running the marina with numerous improvements and service. This marina is the best kept secret in the area. The new pump out station, new gas and diesel fuel tanks, and now the new showroom are a few examples of major improvements. We feel that are boat is safe and secure and they area is just beautiful. Jack”
By: Jack Dubuque, IA

“We could not be happier with Frentress. They were extremely accommodating and treated us with all of the attention and professionalism you would want and expect. Jeremy was particularly helpful and went out of his way to assist us in the purchase and equipping of our boat. Our Manitou is everything we expected it would be. We would recommend Frentress to all of our friends.”
By: Craig & Holly Cedar Falls, IA

“We enjoyed another great buying experience with Ted and Jeremy. It was a big decision for us and they were always willing to take us to the showroom to look at our new boat and answer our questions.We love our new Monterey 204FSX!! It is a beautiful boat and drives like a cadilac. My wife had “cold feet” on the day of purchase but after I saw the smile on our boy’s and Alison’s face on our first ride, I knew we made the right choice! I would recommend Frentress Lake Marina to anyone in the market for a boat. They offer a Friendly, knowledgeable, and no pressure buying experience.”
By: Rob & Alison Dubuque, IA

“Jeremy is the Best,alway very helpful,Thanks for the Great Service.”

By: Gary Monticello, IA

“I have bout many toys through the years. Buy far was this my best experience! Jeremy in sales went far above and beyond what I’ve had a sales person ever do for me. Frentress is about 2 hours from where I live so I thought it was going to be a pain staking process. NOT EVEN CLOSE! I recommend these guys! Great customer service! Thanks again”
By: Dave milton, WI

“We drove 362 miles one way to purchase a 5th wheel Frentress had taken in on trade. I spoke with Jeremy several times before making the trip and the unit was exactly as described, we couldn’t be happier. Jeremy & Ron went the extra mile in 10 degree weather to get us hooked up & on our way. We have two boats so I took the time to tour the facility. They have a first class shop & equipment, extensive parts & accessory inventory, all clean and in good order. We’d recommend Frentress Marine Center to anyone looking to purchase a new or used unit or needing service work. Their staff is experienced & knowledgeable. They really go out of their way to make sure your needs are met. ”
By: Randy & Joan Columbia, IL

“I purchessed a New Manitou Pontoon Boat from Jeremy and could Not be happier! They were very easy to deal with and I love the fact that they are a full service Dealer. I also purchessed a lift from Ted for my new boat! I highly recomend Frentress Lake for all your boating Needs!”
By: Larry Dubuque

“We really enjoyed the buying experience. We love our new boat! Ted has given us first class service from the start, even when we asked him to help us put in our boat on March 14th, Crazy! He also opened up his gas dock just for us on the second day that we were out. I would reccomend Frentress to anyone in the market for a new boat.”
By: Rob and Alison Dubuque, IA